‘Principles of Advanced Software for Managing Complexity’ published by SBU Press

The book “Principles of Advanced Software for Managing Complexity”, authored by Dr. Fereidoun Shams Aliee, professor at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering of SBU, and Delaram Golpayegani, PhD student at Trinity College Dublin, has been published recently by SBU Press in 452 pages.
The book is a set of tried and tested approaches to better understand and more easily deal with the complexity of software development. By addressing the issue of the inherent complexity of software, it deals with the importance of complexity management and the ways to overcome this complexity. Each chapter of the book focuses on one of the software engineering approaches in terms of how to deal with the complexity of software development as well as how to manage it.
Each chapter of the book begins with a key quote in the form of verse or prose to motivate the reader about the subject, and continues with an introduction to clarify the dimensions of the subject in order to provide a better understanding of it. Then it discusses the practical dimensions by referring to the instances of applying the introduced methods in objective examples. At the end, it provides an analysis of the relation between the subject discussed and the concept of complexity in software development.
In order to provide a deeper understanding and to access the sources used in the book, an attempt has been made to provide a brief explanation of the main sources and how they relate to the contents of each chapter. In addition, in order to better review and understand the points of each chapter, and for the use of teachers and students, exercises have been prepared that cover most of the aspects discussed in each chapter.
It is worth noting that the main audience of the book are the researchers in the software engineering community, especially graduate students of computer science and engineering. This book is also used as a source for advanced software engineering course.