Computer Science and Engineering

Software and Data Quality

Main activity:

 Development of research and growth of software testing industry and other areas related to software quality in the country.

 Types of performance tests, efficiency and load, security, scalability, interactivity, maintainability at different test levels and for a variety of applications and system software.

 Error location and software repair and ...

 Collaborators: 3 faculty members, 6 doctoral students, more than 10 students and a master's degree graduate

  Some services and activities in the field of industry:

 Establishment of test department

 Determining the testability of software

 Selecting and customizing the test framework and methodology

 Analysis and design of the test and organization of the test team

 Consulting in the field of architectural design and detailed software design with the aim of increasing testability

 One of the prominent areas of laboratory activities, which distinguishes it even from similar laboratories abroad, is the significant focus on the use of meta-heuristic methods in the production of test data with the aim of increasing test coverage while reducing costs.