Computer Science and Engineering

International Scientific Committee

Supervisor: Dr. Mena Ghasemiyan

Introduction of the committee:

The International Scientific Committee was established in May 2015. The central activities of this committee were planned as follows.

1- Supporting and translating short articles for advertising the faculty publications

2- Supporting international conferences and events

3- Editing scientific articles / translating scientific articles / special workshops of this program

Description of activities:

1. Establishment of two executive and specialized committees

2. Essay writing workshop in collaboration with IEEE Iran Department and faculty members (May 2015)

3. Resume writing workshop (May 2015)

4. Establishment of a group for translating specialized texts related to the smart city (Summer 2015)

5. Edit a number of faculty members' papers before final submission

6. Review specific cases and effective suggestions to solve communication issues related to submitted articles

7. Holding the Second International Workshop on Intelligent Health and Welfare (November 2015)

8. Supporting the 9th Iranian Vision and Image Processing Machine Conference (November 2015)

9. Effective communication workshop (May 2015- May 2016)

10. Discussion session focusing on selected and informed videos Tech hour (second half of the year 2015-2016)

11. Creating a group for translating specialized texts of four specialized articles of colleagues

12. Translation Introducing the Robocop Department of the Faculty

13. Liaison with the International Committee of the University, participating in the relevant meetings and preparing the materials requested by the University

14. Reviewing and following up the current valid cooperation agreements between the university and foreign universities for the research assistant of the faculty

15. Updating the faculty introduction slides and preparing the faculty introduction brochure

16. Support for foreign, Lebanese, Iraqi and German guest meetings

17. Collaboration in the Password Conference in connection with the keynote speaker - September 2016

18. Holding a speech by Dr. Payam Barnaghi (England) – 27 August 2016

19. Lecture and visit of Dr. Martin Musk (Australia) with the active participation of the students of the Committee - October 2016

20. Joint German-Iranian symposium on security with the participation and presentation of faculty members – 29 October 2016

21. Invite and follow up on the HCI course and travel arrangements for the course instructor, Dr. Mattias Cranz (University of Pasao)

22. Coordinating meetings for collaboration with Coventry University Dr. Mojtaba Amarlahi.

23. Continuation of the activities of the specialized texts translation group - four specialized articles of the collaborators


Executive Committee:

1 PhD student - 1 postgraduate student - 6 undergraduate students

Translation Committee:

1 graduate student - 6 undergraduate students

Email and Website: