Computer Science and Engineering

Service-Oriented Organizational Structure

Supervisor: Dr. Fereydoon Shams

Current location: Room 212

Main activity:

• Development of architectural reference frameworks and models

• Monitoring, evaluation and certification

• Integration of information systems and development of service-oriented architecture

• Training, culture and preparation of organizations to implement the architectural plan

• Capacity building and institution building in universities and research-technical centers

• Preparing the ground for setting rules, directives and legal incentives for organizational architecture

Collaborators: 4 PhD students, 7 postgraduate students and 10 graduates, 6 external consultants

Some completed projects:

• Executor of the architectural design of the Radio Regulatory Authority (2014)

• Executor of software services testing project of Tebyan Institute (2014)

• Consultant Mother of Organizational Architecture of Karaj Municipality (2014)

• Consultant mother of organizational architecture in the Civil Registration Organization (2014)

• Consultant mother of organizational architecture in the railway company (2013)

• Consultant mother of organizational architecture in Mapna Group Company (2012)

Website of Organizational Architecture Reference Research Group Website: