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Humanoid Robots

Humanoid Robots Group: (Humanoid Robots Group)

The group of humanoid robots of the faculty was established in 2017. Currently, the group's activities are focused on programming and practical use of the NAO humanoid robot. Developed by Aldebaran Robotics and after several years of laboratory research, this robot has paved the way for the development and advancement of various fields of artificial intelligence in robotics with its appropriate hardware and software facilities.

The NAO robot is about 58 cm tall. With the proper design and implementation of the robot's joints and the application of a total of 25 degrees of freedom (DoF), the ability to simulate and perform most human movements by NAO has become possible. In addition, due to the numerous hardware features and sensors that are embedded in this robot, the implementation and operation of some human senses such as sight, hearing and touch, as well as the ability to speak is available.

The current major activities of the Faculty Humanoid Robots Group include the following:

1- Research, development and implementation of various algorithms to maintain the balance and movement of the robot in different environmental conditions and different movement speeds

2- Research, development and implementation of robotic behavioral, cognitive and interactive algorithms; like the:

A) Recognize and execute Persian voice commands

B) Persian speech production (synthesis)

C) Locating audio sources

D) Questions and answers in the closed domain

E) Object recognition and machine vision

And ....

It should be noted that the study of the use of NAO robots in the research of various robotic groups in the world, has led to the holding of exclusive competitions for this class of humanoid robots. For example, in RoboCup competitions, a separate league is provided for NAO robots to hold football matches. The purpose of such competitions is to focus more on groups active in the field of robotics on the aspects of optimal software programming and proper control of robots.