Computer Science and Engineering

Reliability Engineering of High Performance Complex Networks

High Performance Computing Systems (HPC)

Supervisor: Dr. Farshad Safaei

Current location: Second floor of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Room 230

    Main activity:

• Interconnection and chip networks

• High Performance Systems (HPC) Architecture

• Complex and social networks

• Advanced storage systems architecture

    Collaborators: 7 master students, 4 doctoral students

    Some project titles:

• Performance evaluation and analytical modeling of congestion management in chip networks

• Fault-tolerant routing algorithms in wireless chip networks

• Evaluate and analyze methods and measures of strength and resilience in complex and social networks

• Investigate the challenges of flash memory in solid state driver storage systems

• Implement page replacement algorithms in cache in heterogeneous environments

• Verification of fault tolerant resolution mechanisms in cross-chip networks using formal methods